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LaFrance’s FREE Pick-Up & Delivery is a twice-weekly, personalized dry cleaning service designed with busy people in mind. With LaFrance’s Home and Office Delivery, you’ll never have to go to the cleaners again. Your personal Route Representative will make sure that everything is taken care of…and you don’t even have to be home.

Here’s how LaFrance’s FREE Pick-Up & Delivery service works

  1. We provide you with LaFrance Cleaners pick-up & delivery bags.
  2. We pick-up twice a week and deliver twice a week; every Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday (depending on where you live or work). If you have an emergency, just let us know and we can get it back faster.
  3. The evening before your scheduled pick-up you will receive a text to let you know that your driver is scheduled to visit. If you won't have any cleaning to send in you will be able to let them know at this time. Otherwise, have your bag out by 8am and we will pick it up and deliver back your clean clothes. You don’t even have to be home.
  4. Upon delivery we will automatically charge your credit card on file.
  5. Relax, you just simplified your life!

See our FREE Pick-up and Delivery in Action!

Our Pick-Up & Delivery Team

Why Try Our Drycleaning Pick-Up & Delivery Service?
Tim Phillips Route Representative (330)951-6962
Why Try Our Drycleaning Pick-Up & Delivery Service?
Craig Link Route Representative (330)519-9259
Why Try Our Drycleaning Pick-Up & Delivery Service?
Debbie Rosborough Office Manager (330)782-1400

Download a printable form for special care. Please take a moment to mark the area of need on the diagrams on the form with a note describing what you would like us to do. Pin this form to your garment and place it in your bag. We will be happy to take care of it.

Special Request Form
  • Your LaFrance Route Representative comes to your home or office twice a week, either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. We can pick-up and drop off on both days. For example, if you send cleaning in on Monday it will be delivered on Thursday. Cleaning sent on Thursday will be back the following Monday.
  • The day before your scheduled pick-up you’ll receive a text reminder. If you won’t have anything for us, simply respond “N” and your Route Representative won’t stop. If you do nothing, we will be there to get your cleaning.
  • Simply put your dry cleaning and shirt laundry in the blue LaFrance route bag which we provide. Place your bag in your designated, secure location by 8:00 am and your route representative will pick it up for cleaning and deliver any orders that are ready. We then leave you another bag for next time.
  • When your orders are delivered, your invoices are automatically charged to the credit card held securely on file. You can always log in to your account to see all of your activity with LaFrance.

It’s that simple, and the best part is, it’s FREE! There are no delivery charges or surcharges.

Is there any charge for this service?

Absolutely not! All cleaning is done at the same prices as if they were brought into one of our convenient locations and there are no surcharges.

Do I need to have to have weekly drycleaning to use pick-up and delivery service?

No. Whether you send in dry cleaning twice a week or only once or twice a month, LaFrance will stop by on your regular service days.

Is there a minimum order?

Never! There is no need to save up you cleaning until you have a big bag of dirty clothes. Any amount is fine.

What do I put my dry cleaning in?

When you start service, your route representative will provide you with a blue LaFrance Express Bag.

Where do you pick-up and drop-off my dry cleaning?

We will pick up and drop off at your front door or at any other weather-protected location that you request.

Do I have to be home when LaFrance picks up and drops off my cleaning?

No. There is no need to be home to use this service. Just have your order ready by 8:00am on your scheduled day and your route representative will pick up and drop off your cleaning at your pre-selected spot.

Can you pick-up and deliver at my office?

Absolutely! Just give us a call and we'll get you started.

What about holidays?

If your regularly scheduled service falls on a holiday there will be no service on that day. Your service will resume on your next regularly scheduled day.

What if I have a special request?

Just leave a detailed note in your bag. For your convenience we have a printable Special Dry Cleaning Instructions form.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order after it is delivered?

For prompt assistance call your route service representative. Their direct phone numbers are listed on the contact page. You can also call our office at (330) 782-1400

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