Kyrsten's Kloset

All year round LaFrance Cleaners gathers dress donations at our three locations to donate to the Kyrsten Elizabeth Studer Foundation. The dresses are given in honor of Kyrsten Studer, who was killed by a drunk driver in April of 2003. For the past six years, the annual Kyrsten's Kloset fundraiser has created a chance for women to obtain prom dresses and other formal dresses at no charge. The only price for the dress is signing a pledge not to drink and drive. Not only has Kyrsten's Kloset helped hundreds of girls in need, but it also has brought awareness to how serious the danger of drinking and driving is. What matters to them is that people are taking the pledge and understanding the consequences of drinking and driving. 

Kyrsten's Kloset Drop Off Location

This year the Kyrsten's Kloset fundraiser was able to help out more than two hundred young women who attended. The event usually takes place during a weekend in March for four hours a day. Not only do the girls walk out of the fundraiser with smiles on their faces, but the parents do as well. The financial stress makes it hard for hundreds of families to be able to send their child to a formal dance. Kyrsten's Kloset and your dress donations make it all happen. Girls who never thought they would be able to participate in prom day, are now attending with big smiles on their faces. By donating your dress and accessories to Kyrsten's Kloset, you are making a very positive impact on a young girl and her family's life.

How You Can Help

  • Grab your old or recently used formal dresses, accessories, & shoes
  • Drop them off at LaFrance Cleaners for donation
  • Tell your friends and family about the Kyrsten's Kloset fundraiser 

Often girls will go to prom, and then the next day they will hang their dress in their closet and never touch it again. Giving your dress another purpose is an excellent reason for you or someone else with a formal dress to donate to Kyrsten's Kloset. You can drop off your dresses, shoes, and accessories to LaFrance Cleaners anytime during our business hours. The same applies to bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and any other formal dress you may have. Giving to those in need is a great feeling. All you have to do is grab those dresses out of the closet, attic, or where ever they are stored and drop them off at LaFrance Cleaners. Put them in your car, and you can drop them off when you are in town or even on your way to or from work.

LaFrance Cleaners has been a drop-off location for Kyrsten's Kloset for over three years now. Women have dropped off hundreds of dresses to LaFrance Cleaners. Please keep in mind your gown should be gently used and in nice condition for donations. LaFrance Cleaners will even clean the dresses if needed. Not only do we strive to satisfy our customers, but we love giving back to the community and helping people in need, especially when it is for a good cause and brings awareness to an important topic. We encourage you to give back to the community in some way, and a dress donation is a great start.

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