Free Flag Cleaning Service

LaFrance Cleaners is proud to honor those who have served our country by offering a free flag cleaning service. This has been a LaFrance tradition, for generations, that began immediately after World War II. Through our ‘True Colors’ program, you can bring us your flag any day of the year and we will clean it free of charge. Now is also a great time to drop off your flag because Independence Day is right around the corner. We love to see the American flag fly and our free flag cleaning service will contribute to extending the life span of your flag.


Free Flag Cleaning Service

Leave The Cleaning To Us

Unfortunately, flags will not last forever and depending on how often they are exposed to changing weather patterns, you will want to make sure it gets the proper cleaning treatment. Pollutants such as dust and smoke can cause your flag to look worn out, especially when it is not hanging in a clean area. When you try to clean your flag by yourself this can be difficult as there may be residue leftover. Some people do not know to make sure the flag is completely dried before storing it. If you do not clean your flag properly, then this can lead to discoloration. Leave the cleaning to the professionals at LaFrance Cleaners. We will return your flag looking brand new again. 


Treat Your Flag With Care

Outdoor flags should frequently be dry cleaned. For these flags that are flying high outside, you will want to avoid rain and snow as much as possible. High winds and water will put stress on the flag along with weakening the fabric of it. Other ways to help your flag last longer are trimming any frayed threads on the edges or even hemming the flag to maintain it. Avoid keeping the flag in your basement or garage where it may be damp and dusty. Storing your flag properly is respectful but also helps contribute more life to the flag as well. Your flag should be stored in a dust free, chemical-free, and dry environment. Investing in a nice case will protect your flag and give you a pleasing way to display it in your home or office.

The American flag should always be treated with care and respect. With our flag cleaning service, you will be able to hang your flag and show your appreciation for our country all year round at your home or business. LaFrance Cleaners offers free flag cleaning all year so your flag is looking bright and flying high for holidays like Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and more. We will carefully remove air pollutants, dirt, and dust from the fabric with no harm to your flag. What a great way to show the American spirit by displaying a freshly cleaned flag. LaFrance Cleaners wants to help you show your patriotism all year long. If you have a flag hanging in your yard this summer give us a call today.

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